Best Family Summer Vacations

A family summer vacation with children can be turned into a real adventure, once you make the right choice from a hundred ideas. To make the words “Summer is a little life” come true, parents should consider the opinion of their child. To avoid misunderstandings and resentments, it is necessary to discuss in advance the wishes of the youngest family member. Only mutual understanding and joint efforts will help to turn a vacation into a real fairy tale. In this article you will learn about 15 places where you can go with the whole family on summer vacation.

1. Yellowstone

Yellowstone is a national park and biosphere reserve in the northwestern United States, protected by UNESCO. It is located in three states at once: Wyoming (the largest part), Idaho and Montana.
Yellowstone National Park
The park covers an area of 8,991 km² and is located at the bottom of a huge bowl, which is surrounded on all sides by mountain peaks. In the mountains lies the source of the Yellowstone river, from which the area takes its name. Canyons and waterfalls surrounded by yellow cliffs form in the upper reaches. The Yellowstone is 1114 km long and is the longest free flowing river in the United States.
Yellowstone is famous worldwide for its super volcano, numerous geysers, lakes and untouched nature.

2. Grand Canyon

One of the most visited and famous natural reserves in America is the Grand Canyon National Park. A giant abyss stretches on the Colorado plateau and covers an area of almost 5 thousand square meters. Today, its images can be seen everywhere: advertisements, postcards, various videos and movies. The reserve is a success not only among tourists from other countries, but also the inhabitants of the USA.

Grand Canyon

At the bottom of the Grand Canyon flows the Colorado River, which was the cause of its origin 5-6 million years ago. The Big Canyon Park has a very rich flora and fauna, as the climate here is equally diverse. It is a great place for a vacation with your family, especially in the summertime.

3. Washington, D.C.

Washington, or D.C., got its name from the legendary Christopher Columbus. This amazing city attracts families and tourists from all over the world in the spirit of freedom and equality, and the status of the political center of the country was destined for it even before its “birth”. A huge number of places you can visit with your family.

Washington, D.C.

The capital city of the United States has an eventful history. Here, crucial decisions were made that affected the lives not only of Americans, but also the world. To perpetuate these events, monuments and memorials worthy of attention of travelers were erected in Washington. However, the American capital can impress not only with its historical and political heritage. Washington is an incredible city full of attractions that can surprise you.

4. Outer Banks

Outer Banks is a long sandy strip along the Atlantic coast, which stretches for 320 km along the North Carolina coast. The Outer Banks start from southeast Virginia and extend along most of the North Carolina coast. A great place to relax in North Carolina, a place of mad beauty, attractive, alluring with its magnificence. You should come here with your family for 4-7 days.

Outer Banks

The sand dunes, like a fence built by nature along the highway, hide the impatiently nagging ocean from curious tourists. The almighty sea breeze pushes the colorful grains of sand and makes you play catch-up in the dazzling white sand.

5. Anaheim-Disneyland

For over 50 years, the famous Disneyland has been bringing happiness and indescribable delight to everyone, without exception. It was in California that the first and “real” theme park of The Walt Disney Company was opened. Although Disneyland is located not in Los Angeles, but 35 km from it, in the town of Anaheim, the park is considered one of its amazing and stunning attractions. What could be better for a family vacation? Especially if there are small children.


Since the park was founded, it has been visited by more than 500 million tourists and guests, including royalty, heads and presidents of various states. The idea of opening a recreation area came to Walt Disney when he and his daughters walked in Griffith Park, which is located in the Santa Monica Mountains. The titanic work of everyone who worked on it today welcomes visitors with their favorite cartoon stories and characters. Interestingly, the majority of visitors are adults.

6. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is located in the USA, on the east bank of the Niagara River, next to the world-famous waterfall. A lot of families come here in summer for vacations, it’s a very popular place.
The American city in the state of New York was named after an amazing natural attraction, the same name is given to its namesake, which is on the opposite, Canadian coast.

Niagara Falls

The two countries are connected by an arched Rainbow Bridge. You can walk across it or take a ride in a car to travel from the United States to Canada and back. In addition to the waterfall, it is worth visiting Niagara Nature Reserve Park and the museum, which tells the history of waterfalls. It will also be interesting to see the exposition of the Niagara Aerospace Museum, which is located in the old airport terminal. The city shot the famous film “Niagara” with Marilyn Monroe in the lead role.

7. New York City

New York is a city where 800 languages are spoken at a time, where the economic fate of the world and a place where all tourists without exception dream to go. “The Big Apple attracts freedom, the sound of sirens, yellow cabs, Manhattan, Times Square and the Statue of Liberty.

New York City

When you come to New York, you can feel the deja vu, because you’ve seen all these streets, squares and parks thousands of times in movies and TV series. In summer there is a huge number of tourists, events, if you think about where to go on vacation with your family – New York is what you need.
New York is impressive, surprising, even frightening, it can be adored and hated, but you can not remain indifferent to this “capital of the world”.

8. Cambridge

Cambridge is one of the world’s most student and youth cities. It is located in the state of Massachusetts (USA), on the northern bank of the Charles River. It is here that the world-famous Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other academic giants can be found.
It’s a great place to visit with your family to get some inspiration for new knowledge.

cambridge usa

The atmosphere of Cambridge can be considered a separate attraction. It is always cozy and green, with many nice cafes, walking and relaxation areas on the streets. When walking around the city, don’t miss its most interesting places – Harvard Museum of Art, the University and its square, Modica Way, painted with bright graffiti, Charles River Bike Path Park, MIT Science Museum and others. Also, be sure to stroll among the beautiful scenery at Fresh Pond, watch a movie at Kendall Square Cinema and end the evening by hiking to the local bar for a sense of carefree student life.



A summer vacation is a great time to spend it with your family and put aside some work. Summer vacation with family is an opportunity to develop a child’s potential, which is impossible within the walls of school. It is an opportunity for parents and the whole family to get closer to each other.

If you’re thinking about taking summer family vacations with your family, it’s best if you plan ahead. Have a list of places you want to go to. Do a little research, so you’ll know what the weather will be like and if you can accommodate the people, you’ll be traveling with.
Whatever you choose, you’ll be sure to have a lot of fun with the different family vacations that you’re able to take.