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Education 4 Kids Store

Over the first five years of Education 4 Kids we were strictly a drill game site, but in 2001 we started to hear from parents and teachers how they felt that pricing for educational products was outlandish. Through 2003 and 2004 we investigated these charges and we found out that the prices teachers, homeschool parents, and educators were paying were… outlandish.

In June, 2003 Education 4 Kids opened the Teacher Supply and School Supply store. We opened the store with products in math, art, language art, social studies, science and general teaching supplies. In total the original store opened with about 2,000 products. In July 2006 we expanded the store, increasing the total number of products to about 7,000.

In 2007 we decided to upgrade the store software, and at the same time we decided to increase the size of the product offering to over 28,000 products.

We have been told by many that the store looks like a big company, but we are very much a mom and pop without the overhead that the large companies have. Which is why we offer products with prices starting at 8% below the MSRP and in some cases the discounts are as deep as 34% below the MSRP. As a woman owned business we try to be a place where we would want to shop. So, the store isn’t fancy, but it works, is easy for you the customer to use, and most of all, keeps an eye on your pocketbook.

To enter the store use the tab above (E4K Store) or the link below. And thank you for considering Education 4 Kids to meet your school supply and educational supply needs.

E4K Store

Education 4 Kids Drill Games

Education 4 Kids was started in 1996 as a place where children could come and practice their drill games. Oh yes, it was FREE. And, although we moved to adding a membership level, we still make sure that all or part of every drill game we add is free.

Yes, there are now lots of places where you can go and do educational drills, but we are proud to say that we started this over 10 years ago with the hope that kids could use the Internet for educational purposes, and for the last 10 years we have been serving that need.

We also are proud to say that we have never accepted advertising on Education 4 Kids drill games. We figure that a child is not someone to advertise to when they are trying to learn. So on Education 4 Kids you will never see us place a banner advertisement on a drill game. You will never see a text link that leads to some site where they want to get your child interested in buying their products. We will continue to commit to you, our consumer, that we will not advertise to your child while they are learning. Yes, it is that important to us.

To enter the drill games use the tab above (E4K Drill Games) or the link below. And we always would like you to consider Education 4 Kids to meet your school supply and educational supply needs at our store.

E4K Drill Games

Education 4 Kids, Inc. is proud to be involved with a new resource that is taking math study to the next level. When we started off we started off with Math Flashcards 4 Kids. It was a simple math flashcards drill game for kids. When that started out my daughter was very young and I was building it for her. As she grew we added more stuff and always made it freely available at some level. Now she’s off to college (ASU) and it’s time to put the final touches on her education by making available EduCAD (from EduCAD Learning Solutions). If you want to see the future of math education on-line, please check out the free SAT/ACT Math Test Prep product at: It will knock your socks off!

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